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Ares Mp3 Music is a music downloading tool which lets you listen to songs via the app, or download the song or album you want (however uncommon it may be) straight to your Android.

Even though they share the same name and characteristics, Ares Mp3 Music is not the official app for the famous p2p (peer-to-peer) downloading program. The features it offers however, are very similar: Ares Mp3 Music lets you search for what you want directly from the program interface: title of the song, album, or artist. Whatever you search for, Ares Mp3 Music bring up all possible results and gives you the choice of either listening without downloading, or downloading.

Ares Mp3 Music is an excellent alternative for any user who wants to download music to a Android device for free. What's more, you can create playlists straight from the app, as well as consult all the downloads you have completed. It also offers you the option to view file information and open it in several apps.

Download and listen to all the music you want with Ares Mp3 Music.
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